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Yrik Utembayev is Kazakhstan's ambassador.[1]


2006—2009: Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Iran.

Currently he is the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Belgium and Luxembourg.

IRISL meeting

Ambassador Utembayev met with Mohammad Hossein Dajmar, the Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Shipping Lines (IRISL), on 10 December 2006. They discussed investing in projects in the Caspian Sea and increasing shipments of oil and wheat from Kazakhstan to Iran.[1]

Golestan meeting

Ali-Mohammad Shaeri, the Governor General of Golestan Province in Iran, met with Utembayev on 18 January 2007. They agreed to create a joint company to promote bilateral trade between Golestan and Kazakhstan's border regions. The Kazakh government wants a permit to open a consulate in Gorgan, Golestan.[2]



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