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Vladimir Sergeyevich Kim (Template:Lang-ru; born 29 October 1960) is a Kazakhstan businessman and billionaire.[1][2][3][4]


Vladimir Kim was born in 1960. He is of Korean ethnicity:[1] his family, among other Koreans and among many other ethnic minorities within the USSR, had been forcibly relocated to Kazakhstan, during the Stalinist era. He graduated from Alma-Ata Architectural Institute in 1982, it was transformed into Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KAZGASA) in 1992. He holds an MBA degree and received his PhD in business and administrative management in United States in 1998[2][5]

In 1995, Kim was appointed managing director and chief executive officer of Zhezkazgantsvetmet JSC, Kazakhmys’ core subsidiary at the time; he was elected chairman of the board of directors of Zhezkazgantsvetmet in 2000, and Chairman of Kazakhmys PLC upon its listing on the London Stock Exchange in October 2005. Vladimir Kim stepped down as Chairman of Kazakhmys PLC in May 2013 to become a non-executive director.[2][6][7] Following the completion of the Group restructuring in 2014,[8] Mr Kim remained a Non-executive Director and a major shareholder in KAZ Minerals PLC.[9][10][11]

KAZ Minerals PLC is a mining company quoted on the London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

He holds approximately 33% of KAZ Minerals.[12]

According to Forbes magazine, as of March 2011, he is the richest person in Kazakhstan, and the 223rd richest in the world, with an estimated wealth of US$4.7 billion.[1] He is married, and has three children.[1] He resides in Almaty, Kazakhstan.[1]



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