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Template:User sandbox Yerbolat Askarbekovich Dosayev (born 1970[1]) served as the Finance Minister of Kazakhstan from 16 June 2003[2] to 5 April 2004,[3][4] head of the Agency for Regulating Natural Monopolies,[1] and later as the Minister of Health Care. He was fired on 20 September 2006 after 56 patients in an hospital in South Kazakhstan Region (Yuzhno-Kazahstanskaya Oblast), all but one of which were children, were accidentally infected with HIV[5]

Finance minister

Although Dosayev had previously headed the Agency for Regulating Natural Monopolies, Radio Free Europe took Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev's appointment of Dosayev to Finance Minister as a surprise, calling him and Adilbek Jaksybekov, who Nazarbayev appointed Minister of Trade and Industry, "newcomers." Kazakh Prime Minister Imangali Tasmagambetov's resignation triggered the dismissal of all government ministers as outlined in the Constitution of Kazakhstan.[1]

Dosayev, addressing journalists and the Parliament of Kazakhstan on 19 March that AGIP KCO would pay the government US$150 million for delaying oil production in the Kashagan oilfield. He said, "There will be two sums - 100 and 50 [million dollars]. One hundred is to arrive, and 50 will come a bit later." The Revenue Watch Institute characterized his answer to a question regarding further payments for delaying output as "evasive." Dosayev said, "You know, Vladimir Sergeyevich Shkolnik will tell you everything that was envisaged. I cannot speak about all the sums. The only thing I can now say is that 100 [million dollars] will arrive. We will negotiate the remainder later. The compensation calculated on the basis of the years [of postponed extraction]." He said that the government would "adjust the timeframe for payments and the like, if necessary," and the payment would either be transferred to the "National Fund [where surplus oil revenues are accumulated] or the budget to get the money. I think it will be the National Fund."[6]

Economy minister

In December 2015, Dosayev reported to parliament that TengizChevroil (TCO), a joint venture with Chevron and Kazakhstan's largest oil producer, planned to spend about US$30 billion on an expansion project. Dosayev's ministry worked with TCO to reduce costs from an earlier estimate of $38 billion. The aim of the project is to expand oil production to 38 million tonnes per year in 2021 from 27 million tonnes per year in 2015.[7]

Dosayev resigned from his position as minister for the economy in May of 2016. President Nazarbayev accepted his resignation but praised Dosayev's performance.[8]

Health minister

Bolat Jylkyshiev, the governor of the Southern Kazakhstan region, was also fired. Nurlan Abdirov, the deputy head of Kazakhstan's National Security Committee, said Dosayev and Jylkyshiev were guilty of "serious" negligence.[5]


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