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Template:Infobox football biography Ulugbek Bakayev (Template:Lang-uz, Template:Lang-ru) (born 28 November 1978) is an Uzbekistan footballer currently playing for Uzbek League side Navbahor Namangan as a striker.


He played most time of his career in Kazakhstan football clubs. Playing in Kazakhstan Premier League, he scored totally 111 goals (as of 12 July 2014) and became four times the best Kazakhstan Premier League Top Scorer. From 2012 to 2014 he played for Irtysh Pavlodar. In 2012, he became best goal scorer of League with 14 goals and was named Footballer of the Year in Kazakhstan. In August 2014 he signed a contract with his former club FK Buxoro.[1]


He is a member of the Uzbekistan national football team. At the 2011 Asian Cup he scored two goals against Jordan in a 2–1 win to put Uzbekistan into the semi-finals.[2] On 29 May 2014 in Tashkent he played his last good-bye match for national team against Oman.



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