Temur-Malik (White Horde)

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Timur-Malik, also spelled Temür Malik, the son of Urus Khan,[1] was the ninth Khan of the White Horde. Early during his reign, he successfully invaded the lands of his cousin Toqtamysh. However, Toqtamysh later managed to trap and kill Timur-Malik near Qara-Tal (on the shore of the Aral Sea), and succeeded him.[1] Temurmalik District in Tajikistan is named for him.


Timur Malik was a son of Urus Khan,[1] and brother of Qutlugh Buga and Toqtaqiya. He had two sons, Shadi Beg and Temür-Quthlug, both of whom became Khans of the Golden Horde. The latter of these was the khan who finally defeated Toqtamysh.Template:Citation needed



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