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Sary-Arka Airport (Template:Lang-kk, Template:Lang-ru) Template:Airport codes is the airport of Karagandy, Kazakhstan. It is located Template:Convert southeast[1] of the city.


The airport was built in 1934, and moved to its current location 10 years later. In 1980 it underwent major reconstruction, including construction of a new terminal building and modernization of the runway. This made landing of heavier aircraft possible and opened the door to many new destinations in the Soviet Union.

In 1992 the airport was granted an international status. It has become an independent joint stock company after separation from JSC "Karagandaavia" in 1997. It is not related to Saryarka – Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstan on the World Heritage List.

Sary-Akra Airport is home to the 610th Air Base of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, one of four fast jet bases in the country [2] with MiG-31s, Su-27s and Su-25s.

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