Roman Valiyev

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Template:Infobox sportsperson Roman Valiyev (born 27 March 1984 in Russian SFSR in Orenburg) is a Kazakhstani triple jumper.

He finished fourth at the 2005 Asian Championships and won the silver medal at the 2006 Asian Games. He also competed at the 2004 Olympic Games without reaching the final.

His personal best jump is 16.98 metres, achieved at the 2006 Asian Games in December 2006 in Doha. His new personal best is 17.20 m, achieved in Almaty in 2012, qualifying him for the Olympic Games in London.

Competition record

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2001 World Youth Championships Debrecen, Hungary 21st (q) Triple jump 14.41 m
2004 Olympic Games Athens, Greece Triple jump NM
2005 Universiade Izmir, Turkey Triple jump NM
Asian Championships Incheon, South Korea 4th Triple jump 16.26 m
Asian Indoor Games Bangkok, Thailand 1st Long jump 7.84 m
1st Triple jump 16.51 m
2006 Asian Indoor Championships Pattaya, Thailand 1st Triple jump 16.24 m
Asian Games Doha, Qatar 2nd Triple jump 16.98 m
2007 Asian Indoor Games Macau 1st Triple jump 16.57 m
2008 Asian Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 1st Triple jump 16.32 m
Olympic Games Beijing, China 30th (q) Triple jump 16.20 m
2009 Universiade Belgrade, Serbia 8th Triple jump 16.59 m
Asian Indoor Games Hanoi, Vietnam 1st Triple jump 16.60 m
Asian Championships Guangzhou, China 1st Triple jump 16.70 m
2010 Asian Indoor Championships Tehran, Iran 3rd Triple jump 16.25 m
Asian Games Guangzhou, China 6th Triple jump 16.51 m
2011 Asian Championships Kobe, Japan 3rd Triple jump 16.62 m
2012 Asian Indoor Championships Hangzhou, China 4th Triple jump 16.22 m
Olympic Games London, United Kingdom 21st (q) Triple jump 16.23 m
2013 Asian Championships Pune, India 4th Triple jump 16.55 m
World Championships Moscow, Russia 17th (q) Triple jump 16.43 m
2014 Asian Indoor Championships Hangzhou, China 2nd Triple jump 16.16 m
World Indoor Championships Sopot, Poland 9th (q) Triple jump 16.22 m
Asian Games Incheon, South Korea Triple jump NM
2015 Asian Championships Wuhan, China 3rd Triple jump 16.67 m
World Championships Beijing, China 25th (q) Triple jump 16.04 m
2016 Asian Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 1st Triple jump 16.69 m
World Indoor Championships Portland, United States 15th Triple jump 15.54 m
Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Triple jump NM