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photo by M.Lerner

Rinat Shakirov (Template:Lang-ru) (born 1962) was a He was born in Karaganda (Kazakhstan).


In 1979 he graduated from physical and mathematical school and entered the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute in the chair of nuclear physics.

In 1981 he decided to become a musician. He studied with Alfred Rippe. While training he repeatedly won the regional competitions of pianists (Alma-Ata, Frunze).


From 1985 to 1992 he studied in St. Petersburg Conservatory under Stanislav Igolinsky and Moscow Conservatory under Lev Vlasenko.

He authored a piano suite for the ballet Shurale of Fareed Yarullin, published in Moscow in 2005 and 2011 Kompozitor publishing house.

He recorded eight compact disks and records on Radio of Russia, Tatarstan and Kazakhstan.

He was the founder and art director of the musical festival Names of Petersburg.

He performs concerts in Russia and abroad. He cooperates with many orchestras and conductors, including Fuat Mansurov, Ravil Martynov, Alexander Kantorov, Mikhail Sinkevich, Dmitry Hokhlov, Fabio Mastranzhelo, Sergey Stadler, Alexander Sladkovsky and Rustem Abyazov.

Shakirov participated in international musical festivals such as Geteborg Art Sound, Europe-Asia, The Petersburg musical spring, Other space, Japanese spring in Petersburg, The Panorama of music of Russia and others. He serves on juries of various international piano competitions.

He is an Associate Professor of SPbGUKI. He is chair of the Union of Concert Figures, St.Petersburg.[1][2]



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