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File:Олег Сакиркин.JPG
Oleg Sakirkin in 2010.

Oleg Evgenevich Sakirkin (Template:Lang-kz; January 23, 1966 – March 18, 2015) was a triple jumper from Shymkent, Ongutsik Qazaqstan,[1] who represented the USSR and later Kazakhstan. His greatest achievement came in 1987 when he won the World Championship bronze medal with a personal best jump of 17.43 metres. He went on to win the 1988 European Indoor Championships (17.30 m) and the 1994 Asian Games (17.21 m).

Sakirkin was twice a silver medallist at the Summer Universiade (1989 and 1993) and was runner-up at the 1993 Asian Athletics Championships. He also had victories at the 1988 IAAF Grand Prix (17.50 m), the 1989 European Cup (17.17 m), the 1993 IAAF Grand Prix (17.49 m), the 1994 IAAF Grand Prix Final (17.49 m), .

In 1989 he improved his personal best to 17.58 metres and set the USSR outdoor record. He held the Asian indoor record (17.09 m), set at the 1993 USSR Championships, for twenty years and was eventually beaten by Dong Bin in 2013.[2] Sakirkin's Asian outdoor record (17.35 m, set at the Brothers Znamensky Memorial) stood from 1994 to 2009. He set 17 Kazakh national records starting from 17.02 m up to the current record of 17.58 m. He also competed at the 2000 Olympics without reaching the final.

Sakirkin died on March 18, 2015. He was 49.[3]

International competitions

Representing Template:URS
1987 World Championships Rome, Italy 3rd
1988 European Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 1st
1989 European Cup Budapest, Hungary 1st
World Student Games Duisburg, West Germany 2nd
1990 European Indoor Championships Glasgow, United Kingdom 2nd
Representing Template:KAZ
1993 World Student Games Buffalo, United States 2nd
Asian Championships Manila, Philippines 2nd
1994 Goodwill Games St. Petersburg, Russia 2nd
Grand Prix Final Paris, France 1st
World Cup London, United Kingdom 3rd
Asian Games Hiroshima, Japan 1st
1995 Central Asian Games Tashkent, Uzbekistan 1st
1999 Central Asian Games Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 1st



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