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Мой HiT Выпуск #1 (My HiT Volume #1) is a compilation album of songs performed by Kazakh singers and musical artists, plus two bonus tracks from Danish singer N'Evergreen. The album includes tracks composed in the English, Russian and Kazakh languages.

Track listing

  1. Айналайын by Qaraqat
  2. The Meaning Of Your Life by ORDA
  3. Аққу by Rakhat Turlykhanov
  4. Золотая Пора by Almas Kishkenbayev
  5. Қыздар-ай by NN Bek
  6. Детство by Asylbek Engsepov
  7. Медея by Berkut
  8. Кім Кінәлі by Baqay
  9. Разлука by 101
  10. Қайран Көңіл-ай by Batyrkhan Shukenov
  11. Я Люблю Тебя by JCS
  12. Жалт Етіп Өткен by Asem
  13. Анаға Сәлем by MuzART
  14. Была Ли Любовь? by Makpal Isabekova
  15. Махаббат Жалыны by Madina Sadvaqasova
  16. Не Говори by Roona
  17. Since You've Been Gone by N'Evergreen
  18. Just Another Love Song by N'Evergreen and Polina Grifis

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