Miran Bakhsh Mughal

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Miran Bukhsh was the elder son of Ebraheem bin Qutab Din and was great-grandson of Abdul Aziz Mughal. He had three sons, Siraj Din, Pir Bukhsh and Roshan Din. Genealogy records owned by Muhammad Aslam Mughal, currently held in Langrewali, a small village of Sialkot, shows that Miran Bukhsh lived in that district.


Genealogy of Qutab Din according to Muhammad Aslam Mughal
  1. Abdurashid Khan
  2. Abdul Aziz Mughal
  3. Qutab Din
  1. Ebraheem bin Qutab Din
  2. Miran Bakhsh Mughal
  3. Pir Bukhsh
  1. Ghulam Rasool Gangi



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