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Template:Infobox film Mercenaries (also called Prison Raid) is a 2014 action film starring Kristanna Loken, Brigitte Nielsen, Vivica A. Fox, Cynthia Rothrock, Zoë Bell, and Nicole Bilderback. In the tradition of The Asylum's film catalog, Mercenaries is a mockbuster of The Expendables 3.[1]


During a visit to Kazakhstan the daughter of the U.S. President is captured by a female warlord and held for ransom. The CIA creates a team to rescue her from Ulrika's base; a former Soviet prison nicknamed "The Citadel". The team Kendall puts together were all serving time in U.S. prisons but are offered full pardons for taking part in the operation.

With the help of a local girl the four-woman team gain access to The Citadel but just as they are about to escape after rescuing the first daughter one of their number turns against them.


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  • Brigitte Nielsen as Ulrika
  • Tim Abell as Grigori Babishkova – Ulrika's second in command
  • Cynthia Rothrock as Mona Kendall, CIA
  • Nicole Bilderback as Mei-Lin Fong – explosives expert, pilot
  • Kristanna Loken as Kat Morgan – ex-Marine Corps, scout sniper
  • Zoë Bell as Cassandra Clay – Ranger school, Delta force
  • Vivica A. Fox as Raven (aka Donna Ravena) – former CIA
  • Tiffany Panhilason as Elise, daughter of the U.S. president
  • Gerald Webb as Bobby
  • Alexis Raich as Lexi
  • Damion Poitier as Webber
  • Morgan Benoit as Stefan
  • Alicia Vigil as Kristina
  • Scott Thomas Reynolds as Agent Reynold
  • Edward DeRuiter as Vez
  • Emily Lopato as Prostitute
  • Adam Dorsey as Guard
  • Nickolai Stoilov as Ozgur

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Mercenaries received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics, with its dialogue and noticeability of a low budget being criticized the most. On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 0%, based on 7 reviews.[2] On IMDb, it was given 3,7 out of 10 stars, based on 1,589 reviews.[3]



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