Kayrat Tuntekov (album)

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Кайрат Тунтеков is the self-titled debut album composed of the songs performed by the SuperStar KZ 2 winner Kayrat Tuntekov. The album includes tracks composed in the English, Russian and Kazakh languages.

Track listing

  1. Я Не Смог Бы Без Тебя (I Can't Go On Without You)
  2. Позови Меня (Call Me)
  3. Someone To Love
  4. Eray
  5. Саулем
  6. Hold Me In Your Arms
  7. Tellment 'N' Brick
  8. Корiнбей Журсiн Сен Неге?
  9. Each Time
  10. I Got My Handy On

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