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Template:Infobox football biography Ivan Perić (born 5 May 1982 in Pristina, SFR Yugoslavia) is a Serbian footballer who currently plays for FK Kukësi in the Albanian Superliga.[1][2]

Club career


On 18 June 2014, Perić moved to Albania where he signed with Kukësi on a one-year deal.[3] Kukësi beat the concurrence of Albanian champions Skënderbeu Korçë who wanted to purchase the player after the departure of fellow Croatian striker Pero Pejić.[4] Then he flew out to Macedonia to link up with the rest of the squad. He made his unofficial debut with the team against Macedonian side Metalurg Skopje, where he and Sokol Cikalleshi scored the goals of the 2–0 win.[5]



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