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Ivan Cvetković (Template:Lang-sr-cyr; born 12 February 1981 in Prizren, Yugoslavia) is a Serbian footballer who plays for Javor Ivanjica.


Born in Prizren, SAP Kosovo, SR Serbia, he initially played with FK Bulbuderac and FK Zvezdara, before joining OFK Beograd in summer 2002. During the winter break of the 2004–05 season he moved to FK Javor Ivanjica and helped them reach promotion to the top league at the end of the season. He stayed with Javor until January 2009 when he signed with FC Khimki.[1] He made his debut in the Russian Premier League on 14 March 2009 in a game against FC Lokomotiv Moscow.[2] In January 2010 he returned to Javor and played with them the second half of the 2009–10 Serbian SuperLiga. In the following summer he would move east again, this time by joining Kazakh top league side FC Zhetysu.[3] In January 2013 he returned to Serbia and signed with FK Jagodina.[4]

In July 2015, Cvetković moved from FC Zhetysu to FC Okzhetpes.[5]





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