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Igor Ivanovich Rogov (born 17 May 1950) is a Kazakhstani lawyer, former Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan and present Chairman of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan.[1]


Igor Ivanovich Rogov was born on 17 May 1950 in the city of Baku of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. Russian. Father – Rogov Ivan Grigorevich (deceased) was the military man, the engineer-geologist. Mother – Tagiltseva Valentina Stepanovna (deceased) was the teacher. Has graduated from the Law Faculty of the Kazakh state university named after С.М. Kirov (1973), the jurist. The doctor of jurisprudence. A thesis for a doctor's degree theme «Problems of struggle against economic criminality (criminally-legal and criminological research)» (1991). The professor (from 1994). The academician of Academy of social sciences РК (from 2001).

Speaks Kazakh and German (colloquial) languages.

Since 1967 to 1968 – the machine operator Almaty woodworking industrial complex.

Since 1973 – the inspector of Auezovsky regional department of internal affairs of Alma-Ata-city.

Since 1975 – the assistant, the senior teacher, the assistant to the dean, the senior lecturer of faculty of law of the Kazakh state university named after С.М. Kirov.

Since 1990 – the adviser, the senior reviewer, sector manager of law enforcement bodies of state-legal department of Office of the President and Cabinet of the RK.

Since 1992 – the vice-president of Constitutional Court RK.

Since 1995 – the Assistant to President RК.

Since 1997 – the Adviser of President RК.

Since 2000 – Minister of Justice RК.

Since 2002 – a deputy head of Presidential Administration RK – the chief of state-legal department РК.

Since 2004 to the present – the Chairman of Constitutional Council of the RK

The president of Kazakhstani Criminological Association.

Scientific activity

The author of books:

«Against mismanagement and squandering» (1987),

«Agrarian and industrial complex: discipline and legality» (the co-author, 1989),

«Economy and criminality» (1991), and also over 90 scientific works on problems of constitutional, criminal law, process, criminology.

The co-author of books: «Problems of struggle against economic criminality in Kazakhstan» (1996),

«Republic Kazakhstan Criminal law» (1998),

«Bases of counteraction of corruption» (2004), «The criminality reasons» (2004), «Criminal law of Kazakhstan» – an especial part (2003), «Criminal law of Kazakhstan» – the general part (2005), «The Constitutional control in Kazakhstan» (2005), etc.

Awards, honorary titles

  • the Award "Parasat" (2005)
  • the Medal «10 years of independence of the Respublic of Kazakhstan»
  • the Medal «Tynga 50 жыл»
  • the Medal "Astana"
  • the Honorary title «the Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan» (1999)

Number of the international awards in the field of jurisprudence

  • the Winner of the international award "Themis"


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