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Ghaychak, Gheychak or ghijak is the name of several bowed instruments of Asia.

Double-chambered bowl lute

A double-chambered bowl lute with 4 or more metal strings and a short fretless neck. It is used by Iranians and Baloch people, and is similar to Sarinda. The soundbox is carved out of a single piece of wood. The upper orifice is partly covered in the middle by the handle and the lower one is covered by a skin membrane against which the bridge rests.

Spike lutes

A spike lute, either with a bowl soundbox (similar to kamancheh), or with a box soundbox often made from a tin can, with three or four metal strings. It is used by Afghans, Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Tajiks, Turkmens and Qaraqalpaks.




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