Bolat Zhamishev

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Template:Infobox officeholder Bolat Bidakhmetuly Zhamishev (Template:Lang-kk); (Template:Lang-ru) is a Kazakh politician who is serving as the current minister of finance for Kazakhstan.

Personal life

Zhamishev was born in 1957. He is an lumnus of the Kazakh Agriculture Institute. PhD in economics. Following graduation he was involved in scientific research. He held positions of a National Bank Department Vice Head, Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection, First Vice Minister of Finance, Vice Minister of Internal Affairs, Vice Chairman of the National Bank, Chairman of the Agency for Supervision over Financial Market and Financial Institutions. Before being appointed Finance Minister in November 2007 he served as Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of the Eurasian Bank for Development. He is married and has two sons, Daulet and Kuanysh.[1]



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