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The teacher, author of the Kazakh gymnastics and Turkic teachings "Aikune", hereditary healer and military chiropractor, founder of the franchise network and the first social franchise.

Born on February 10, 1967, in the city of Pavlodar of Kazakhstan in a family of hereditary healers. The gift of healing received from the ancestors did not manifest immediately, Abay grew up to be quite an ordinary child: he spent a lot of time on the street, participated in teenage fights, played sports.

At the age of 16, Abai moved to his grandmother, Almižamal Abi Musagitova (Abi баб, Tatar’s grandmother), a famous steppe healer. Spending a lot of time with grandma-healer, young Abai didn’t guess that he received ancient knowledge of healing from her, not only through his own observations and explanations of the famous grandmother, but also on mental and spiritual levels, and that Abay was taken from the age of 16 my grandmother as an apprentice. After school, Abay called up for military service and volunteered for Afghanistan. He served as a driver, "walked" in columns - flew across Afghanistan, guarded combat points. Years of service: from 1985 to 1987, two full years without two days, three months in the Union before Afghanistan. Total: 27 months of service. Upon returning from the army, Abay abandoned the 3rd disability group for health reasons - the consequences of the harsh service on the southern frontiers "behind the river." Abai had to take a lot of drugs to maintain his health, and the doctors' forecasts were disappointing, however, he did not give up before the illnesses - he declared war on them. From now on, the return of his health for a 20-year-old war veteran in Afghanistan has become the number one task. Abay- "Afghan" long four years of his life devoted to self-healing and achieved good results. He proudly realized that already at the age of 24 he became the winner over diseases: the post-Afghan diagnoses of four years ago were removed from him, thus, as it turned out, he passed the exam in front of his eminent grandmother Almijamal Abi and at this stage the apprenticeship of Abai’s apprentice was completed. Since 1996, Abai Yemshi has been practicing Kazakh healing and bone-healing already in Russia with the rank of master of traditional Kazakh medicine.

The Kazakh healer Abai Yamshi from the first months of work in Russia received recognition among his colleagues in the field of healing. In 1996, Abai Jemshi defended his master’s degree in traditional medicine at the All-Russian Research Center for Traditional and Traditional Medicine (VNITsNM) in Moscow. In 1998, Abai Yemshi, along with other specialists in traditional medicine, received a diploma “The Best Healer of Russia in 1997” by decision of the expert council of the International Congress on Traditional Medicine in St. Petersburg. From 2013, the Aikune franchise starts operating. The network covers not only Kazakhstan, but also other countries, like Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and others. From 2017, the first in the CIS “Aikune” social franchise begins to operate.

Aikune has thousands of followers in different cities around the world. The lost knowledge of the Kazakh military bone-building today is once again in the arms of mankind, but already in a peaceful life. Physical Aikune is designed for a wide range of fans of large and mass sports. Work is done individually and in groups. Classes are held by instructor Aikune. You can find physical culture centers in Aikune by walking at your place of residence, work or study.