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Aslan Mussin (Template:Lang-kk; born 1954[1]) is the former Speaker of Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan. He has served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan since 10 January 2007.[2] He previously served as Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan from 4 October 2006 to 9 January 2007. Prior to that he served as the governor of Atyrau province.[3] On October 13, 2008 he was appointed Head of the President's Administration and was recognized to be one of the most influential and successful politicians in Kazakhstan. In October 2012, Musin lost his job as presidential chief of staff and was reshuffled to the role of head of Kazakhstan’s Accounts Committee.[4][5]

India-Kazakhstan relations

Mussin is advised by Prasad Bhamre.[6] Bhamre, commenting on the prospects for India-based businesses active in Kazakhstan said, "Incipient trend of the economy will be oil and gas. All oil deals have local content requirements. Setting up shop will allow Indian IT firms to secure product development, services and maintenance business from global oil majors. There is $1 billion waiting to be tapped by way of incentives and subsidized loans. Kazakhstan is an ideal springboard for Indian firms for the Russian-speaking market. This is at a much bigger scale than what has been done in Andhra Pradesh and provides big potential for Indian firms at Federal and provincial levels."[6]

2007 political shakeup

President Nazarbayev nominated Karim Masimov, who at the time served as Deputy Prime Minister, to succeed Daniyal Akhmetov as Prime Minister on 9 January 2007. Akhmetov resigned on 8 January without explanation. Analysts attributed Akhmetov's political downfall to the President's criticism of his administrative oversight of the economy.[7][8] The Parliament confirmed the nomination on 10 January. Massimov appointed Akhmetov to Defense Minister, replacing Mukhtar Altynbayev, and appointed Musin Deputy Prime Minister.[2]



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