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Altynay Sapargaliyeva (Template:Lang-kk; born November 30, 1989) in Zhanaözen, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union (present Kazakhstan) is a Kazakh singer who placed third in SuperStar KZ 3, the Kazakh version of Pop Idol.


Her name, "Altyn-ay", means "Golden-Moon" in Kazakh.

Altynay is passionate about music and singing. She is pursuing a career as a singer in Kazakhstan and then in the United States.

She has been performing since early childhood. She competed in a Kazakh National Competition for teens called "Anshi Balapan".

She has performed numerous times at the International Competition "Jakhan Dala" in the city of Aqtau. She also competed in the New Wave competition, in Jurmala, Latvia.

She was a singer in the girl’s group “Chinatown”, well known in Kazakhstan through the New Wave competition, concerts and TV performances.


Sapargaliyeva's mother, Gulsharia Sapargalieva Ersainovna, was a professional musician who graduated from P.I. Tchaikovsky college and became a conductor of orchestras and choirs. She has passed her love for music to her daughter Altynay.

Altynay Sapargaliyeva is the great-granddaughter of the famous Kazakh composer Jayau Mussa, who composed the "Aksisa".

Music career

Sapargaliyeva moved to New York City in 2010. In 2011, she teamed up with the Bedroom Stuy production company to record new music, scheduled for commercial release in late 2011.

She has recorded a number of new songs for the album, as well as a cover of the Nocera song “Summertime, Summertime”.

SuperStar KZ 3

Altynay appeared in the SuperStar KZ (2006), placing third.

Theatre Round (Day One): Thank You by Ashanti
Semi Finals: The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera
Top 12: Hit The Road, Jack! by Ray Charles
Top 11: Если В Сердце Живет Любовь by Julia Savicheva
Top 10: Эй, Моряк by Laima Vaikule
Top 9: Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez
Top 8: Жүрегiмде
Top 7: Şıkıdım by Tarkan
Top 6: All That Jazz by [Chicago musical]
Top 5: Льдинка by Larisa Dolina
Top 5: Pasadena by Maywood
Top 4: Complicated by Avril Lavigne
Top 4: Could I Have This Kiss Forever? by Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias (with Almas Kishkenbayev)
Top 3: Why? by Annie Lennox
Top 3: I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston

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