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Template:Infobox sports club Akzhaiyk Sports Club (АҚЖAЙЫҚ CПOРТ КЛУБЫ)[3] is a bandy team in Kazakhstan,[1] which is the only professional team in the country and plays in the second highest division of Russia, the Russian Bandy Supreme League.[2] Their home arena is Stadion Yunost, which was supposed to become equipped for artificial ice in 2015,[3] however, the project got delayed.[4] In October 2016, works with the aim of finishing the project started.[4] Therefore, in the season 2016-17 their home arena is Stadion Stenovik.[5] The club colours are yellow, white and blue.[5]

All the players of the Youth-23 national team in the 2013-14 season came from this club.[6]

Team picture:[7]


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