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  • |agency_name = Foreign Intelligence Service ...lau kyzmeti'' or just '''Syrbar''') is [[Kazakhstan]]'s primary external [[intelligence agency]]. The Syrbar is the successor of the Barlau Department in the [[Na
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  • ...the fight against "religious extremism" as a top priority of the internal intelligence service. An extremism law that came into effect in February 2005 applies to ...e SAMK is the primary coordinator of [[hajj]] travel and authorizes travel agencies to provide hajj travel services to citizens. Religious observers reported t
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  • The Uzbek security service's intelligence, according to ''[[Pravda]]'', proves the involvement of Jamaat of Central A ...laws and [[Constitution of Kazakhstan|the constitution]], law-enforcement agencies immediately should open a case against the National Security Committee and
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  • ...28 April 2008. The question had reportedly "baffled foreign [[intelligence agencies]] for years."<ref>Sheridan, Michael, [ ...ade celebrating North Korea's 60th anniversary, United States intelligence agencies believed Kim might be "gravely ill" after having suffered a stroke. He had
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  • ...le=Belarus&nbsp;– Geography|accessdate=7 November 2007|publisher=Central Intelligence Agency|year=2007|work=The World Factbook| archiveurl= https://web.archive.o ...lopment of the Far East was significantly reinvigorated. Some governmental agencies were relocated from Moscow to Vladivostok and some major companies have bee
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  • ...ns (see also [[Sverdlovsk anthrax leak]]). He has provided guidance to the intelligence, policy, national security, and medical communities and has returned to the ...Testimony before the Joint Economic Committee'', May, 1998: "Terrorist and Intelligence Operations: Potential Impact on the US Economy"]
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  • ...ates led several agencies to criticise the estimates made by the [[Central Intelligence Agency]] (CIA). Since then the CIA has often been accused over overestimati ...he had suffered from other unspecified ailments as well. In 1977 American intelligence officials publicly suggested that Brezhnev had also been suffering from [[g
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  •|date=2006-08-03|accessdate=2010-02-02|title=Kazakhstan's Intelligence Service in Disarray|last=McDermott|first=Roger N.}}</ref> or unofficially a ...onal Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan''' ('''NSC''') is an intelligence agency in [[Kazakhstan]].<ref name="CACI"/> It was founded on 13 July 1992.
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  • ===Agencies and committees=== ...l Commandos units, and [[Foreign Intelligence Service (Kazakhstan)|Foreign Intelligence (Barlau)]]. The latter is considered by many as the most important part of
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  • ...From 1992 Kazakhstan became a member of [[INTERPOL]]. Its law enforcement agencies are closely tied with those of [[Russia]], [[Belarus]], [[Uzbekistan]], [[U
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