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  • ...sty]], and Chinese armies commanded by [[Turks in the Tang military|Turkic generals]] stationed in large parts of central Asia. But Chinese influence ended wi affairs, as it had been under various Persian dynasties. In fact, the [[Abbasid Caliphate]], which ruled the Arab world for five centuries beginning in 750
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  • ...anded the main army dispatched against the Western Turks, while the Turkic generals [[Ashina Mishe]] and [[Ashina Buzhen]] led the side divisions. The Tang tro ...artistic and political influences from the Tang Dynasty. Many of the Tang generals and soldiers stationed in the region were [[Turks in the Tang military|ethn
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  • ...ory which besieged Nisibis in 573. However, dissension among the Byzantine generals not only led to an abandonment of the siege, but they in turn were besieged ...Maurice's daughter Miriam. Under the command of Khosrau and the Byzantine generals [[Narses (general under Maurice)|Narses]] and [[John Mystacon]], the new co
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  • ...}) was a leading commander in the [[Turkic peoples|Turkish]] army of the [[Abbasid]] caliph [[al-Mu'tasim]] (r. 833-842 C.E.). Under al-Mu'tasim, he served as ''[[sahib al-shurta]]'' at [[Abbasid Samarra|Samarra]], and became commander of the Caliph's personal guard.{{sf
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  • ...from 777–780 before ultimately being repulsed by Leo’s armies, led by generals such as [[Michael Lachanodrakon]]. Leo himself set out with his army again
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