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The Kazakh Wikipedia is the Kazakh language edition of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, founded on 2 June 2002.


The Kazakh Wikipedia was started in June 2002. The Kazakh Wikipedia had a very high growth rate in 2011, going from 7,000 articles to over 100,000 in less than one year,[1] largely due to the incorporation of materials from the Kazakh Encyclopedia, which have been released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (CC BY-SA). This rapid expansion was initiated by the non-profit Wikibilim Foundation.[2] The Samruk Kazyna Foundation, Kazakhstan's sovereign oil wealth fund, sponsored the expansion, with 30 million tenge spent in 2011 for paid editing, digitalization, and author rights transfer.[3][4] At the Wikimania 2011 conference WikiBilim president Rauan Kenzhekhanuly was awarded the "Wikipedian of the Year" award by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales for his work on the Kazakh Wikipedia expansion.[4]

In April 2012 Tengri News reported that "in 2011, the Samruk Kazyna sovereign wealth fund allocated a total of $204 thousand to develop the Kazakh-language Wikipedia. This year, another $136 thousand will be earmarked", citing the Fund’s Press Service.[5] Wales thanked the Kazakh government for its support of the Kazakh Wikipedia at Wikimania 2012.[6]

The Kazakh Wikipedia's uniqueTemplate:Citation needed feature is that it is written in three different scripts: Cyrillic, Latin, and Arabic. On 26 October 2011, it passed the 100,000 articles threshold, and by early 2013 had just over 200,000 articles.[1]


The Kazakh Wikipedia uses ZhengZhu's character mapping program to convert between Cyrillic, Latin, and Arabic scripts.Template:Cn

Relationship between WikiBilim and the Government of Kazakhstan

Questions have been asked about WikiBilim's closeness to the Kazakh government, given that WikiBilim president Rauan Kenzhekhanuly had a long prior career as a Kazakh government official and the Kazakh government has been widely criticised for its crackdown on free speech.[4][7] Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales' friendship with ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who advises the Kazakh government, has also come under scrutiny,[4][7] as has the neutrality of the Kazakh Wikipedia's content, much of which is a reproduction of the state-published national encyclopedia.[8][9]


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As of October 2020, the Kazakh Wikipedia counts about {{#expr:Template:NUMBEROF round -3}} articles. The overwhelming majority of its readers originate from Kazakhstan.

As of April 2013, the Kazakh Wikipedia's number of articles accounts for approximately 14% of all the articles written in a Turkic language, making it the second largest edition in the family after Turkish, which accounts for 28% of all Turkic articles.[10]Template:-




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