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Template:MedalTableTop Template:MedalSport Template:MedalCountry Template:MedalCompetition Template:MedalGold Template:MedalSilver Template:MedalBottom Igor Potapovich (Игорь Потапович; born September 6, 1967 in Almaty) is a former pole vault athlete from Kazakhstan. Potapovich won his first World Junior Championship in 1986. He won the World Cup in 1992. He also finished second at the 1995 IAAF World Indoor Championships and became the indoor World Champion two years later in 1997.

Potapovich also won the Asian Games in 1994 and the 1998. Potapovich finished 4th at the 1996 Olympic Games and did not make the finals of the 2000 Olympic Games. His personal best was 5.92 metres.

International competitions

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1986 World Indoor Championships Athens, Greece 1st 5.50 m
1989 European Indoor Championships Hague, Netherlands 2nd 5.75 m
1992 Goodwill Games Seattle, United States 7th 5.57 m
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1992 World Cup Havana, Cuba 1st 5.60 m
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1993 World Indoor Championships Toronto, Canada 9th 5.50 m
World Championships Stuttgart, Germany 14th (q) 5.65 m
Asian Championships Manila, Philippines 2nd 5.50 m
1994 Asian Games Hiroshima, Japan 1st 5.65 m
1995 World Indoor Championships Barcelona, Spain 2nd 5.80 m
World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 9th 5.60 m
1996 Summer Olympics Atlanta, United States 4th 5.86 m
1997 World Indoor Championships Paris, France 1st 5.90 m
World Championships Athens, Greece 14th (q) 5.60 m
1998 Asian Championships Fukuoka, Japan 1st 5.55 m
World Cup Johannesburg, South Africa 4th 5.60 m1
Asian Games Bangkok, Thailand 1st 5.55 m
1999 World Indoor Championships Maebashi, Japan 4th 5.70 m
World Championships Seville, Spain 7th 5.70 m
2000 Summer Olympics Sydney, Australia NM

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