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Template:Nihongo is a former Japanese biathlete. He was one of the top male Japanese biathletes from 2000 until his retirement in 2014.


Born in the city of Ojiya in the Niigata Prefecture, Isa found biathlon after graduating high school and joining the military. Isa debuted in the World Cup in first round of the 2000–01 World Cup in Antholz-Anterselva, Italy.[1][2] That season Isa made his debut at the World Championships at the World Championships in Pokljuka. He also participated in all World Championships from 2003 to 2009, and then all three World Championships from 2011 to 2013 for Japan.[1] Isa participated in his first Olympics in 2002 and he also participated in the Olympics in 2006, 2010 and 2014.[1] His best individual finish at the Olympics came in the 12.5 km pursuit in 2006, he finished 35th. His best relay finish also came in 2006, a 12th place. His best individual finish at the World Championships came in 2005 in Hochfilzen, where Isa finished 25th in the pursuit.[3] His best relay finish at the World Championships was an 11th which came in 2001 in Pokljuka.[4]

Through his career, Isa never finished on the podium, but he once finished in the top ten individually.[1] It, a 10th place, came in Pokljuka in the third round of the 2009–10 season.[5] Isa's best relay finish in the World Cup was an 8th in Ruhpolding in 2004.[6] His best overall finish came in the 2001–02 World Cup where he finished 46th.[1]

After the 20 km individual race at the 2014 Olympics, Isa announced his retirement from the sport.[7]

Biathlon results

All results are sourced from the International Biathlon Union.[1]

Olympic Games

Event Individual Sprint Pursuit Template:Nowrap Relay Template:Nowrap
Template:Flagicon 2002 Salt Lake City 44th 62nd Template:N/a 13th Template:N/a
Template:Flagicon 2006 Turin 63rd 38th 35th 12th Template:N/a
Template:Flagicon 2010 Vancouver 83rd 68th Template:N/a
Template:Flagicon 2014 Sochi 83rd 70th
*Mass start was added as an event in 2006, with the mixed relay being added in 2014.

World Championships

Event Individual Sprint Pursuit Template:Nowrap Relay Template:Nowrap
Template:Flagicon 2001 Pokljuka 46th 37th 38th 11th Template:N/a
Template:Flagicon 2003 Khanty-Mansiysk 63rd 54th 49th 16th Template:N/a
Template:Flagicon 2004 Oberhof 67th 54th 42nd 17th Template:N/a
Template:Flagicon 2005 Hochfilzen 48th 34th 25th 13th 18th
Template:Flagicon 2006 Pokljuka Template:N/a Template:N/a Template:N/a Template:N/a Template:N/a 22nd
Template:Flagicon 2007 Antholz-Anterselva 87th 20th
Template:Flagicon 2008 Östersund 66th 53rd 40th 18th
Template:Flagicon 2009 Pyeongchang 86th 62nd 18th 20th
Template:Flagicon 2011 Khanty-Mansiysk 37th 54th 57th 20th
Template:Flagicon 2012 Ruhpolding 30th 56th 55th 23rd
Template:Flagicon 2013 Nové Město 106th 55th 44th 25th 21st
*During Olympic seasons competitions are only held for those events not included in the Olympic program.
**Mixed relay was added as an event in 2005.



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