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Template:Unreferenced Veniamin Petrovich Yudin (1928–1983) was a Kazakhstan scholar of oriental studies, historian, philologist, expert on Persian and Turkic manuscripts, researcher and teacher. V.P.Yudin was born on February 1, 1928 in Stalingrad (modern Volgograd). V.Yudin started his scientific and pedagogical activity as Uigurologist in 1950 after graduaqting Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, where he completed a postgraduate study in Uigur philology under a known Turkologist Prof. V.M.Nasilov.

In 1955 V.Yudin started his work in Kazakhstan Pedagogical Institute in a newly opened Uigur branch, where he lectured in Uigur language the classes of ancient and classical Uigur literature, folklore and language. In 1960-1976 V.Yudin lectured in the Kazakhstan State University and worked in the Uigurology Department of the Linguistics Institute of Kazakhstan SSR Academy of Sciences. Alongside the Kazakhstan artifacts, V.Yudin investigated from historical and philological points the richest manuscript heritage of the Uigur people. V.P.Yudin authored over 80 scientific publications in Russian, Uigur and Kazakh languages, some of them vere re-published in English.

V.Yudin studied manuscripts unearthed in Xinjiang, northwest China, including: "Chingiz-name" by Utemish-Khodja (16th century), "Tarih-i Shaibani" (beginning of 17th century), "Ziya' al-kulub" by Mukhalemad Avaz ( beginning of 17th century), and other manuscropts.

V.Yudin work "Clan and tribal composition of Moghuls of Moghulistan and Moghulia and their ethnic connections with Kazakh and other neighboring peoples" (News of Kazakhstan SSR Academy of Sciences, Social sciences, 1965, No 3) broke ground in "nonconventional" illumination of the Moghulia state as distinct from Moghulistan in ethnic, territorial and chronological relations, state structure, and about Moghulian ethnic composition which contributed to the Kazakh, Uigur and Kirgiz peoples.

Much of V.Yudin research has not been published during his lifetime, including translations of sources, research on history of Kazakh and Uigur peoples and other subjects.

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